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About Us

Four Jewel Studded Decades of Growth OR Four Decades of Glitter and Gold.

Set up in 1980, P. P. Jewellers By Pawan Gupta Group has over four decades of experience. It’s a true rags to riches fairy tale, but rather than being a story of chance, it’s a story of designing one’s destiny.
P. P. Jewellers By Pawan Gupta started out with a single store and grew to become one of the largest and most respected jewellery brands in India. We have been voted the most trusted brand in consumerism by Reader’s Digest and we’ve won the Niryat Shree Award in the Gems and Jewellery category several times. P. P. Jewellers By Pawan Gupta is also the only jewellery company in India to have won 25 export awards from the government.
Our steadfast growth—even in times of recession—as well as our dedication to service and quality, has led to us becoming one of the most trusted brands in India today.

Making Our Customers Shine

We believe that jewellery is supposed to be a reflection of its owner—it’s a way for people to show off their brilliance. And slight nuances in design can mean that a piece of jewellery either shows off the true you, or it doesn’t. That’s why, while our roots lie in traditional Indian designs, we also offer modern interpretations so that everyone can find a style of design that is a perfect fit.

In addition to that, we offer customisation and the option to have a piece of jewellery designed from scratch. This allows for customer satisfaction every time. We pride ourselves in outstanding craftsmanship and the gemstones and precious metals we use are of the highest quality. It’s the only way to ensure our designs truly shine—and bring out the beauty of our clients.

Family First

We’re a family run business. Always have been. And while we have grown to employ a large number of staff, we are still a family business—just a much larger family! For us service is at the core of what we do. We care for our staff and our staff cares for our customers. It is thanks to this mentality we have run a successful—and happy—business for the past four decades and grown from that small jewellery shop into a nationally recognised brand. Our shops may be luxurious mansions, but when you enter them, you feel as if welcomed into the home of an old friend.